FES111 DRAIN PUMP 200-240V

80117 Elettrobar/Colged
C.80117 Elettrobar/Colged
12029791 Fagor
12094265 Fagor
00-491754-001 Hobart
00-845548-000 Hobart
00845548000 Hobart
491754-01 Hobart
491754-02 Hobart
491754-1 Hobart
49175401 Hobart
4917541 Hobart
845548 Hobart
80117 MBM
3002.1005 Rational
3002.1005P Rational
3002.1006 Rational
30021005 Rational
30021005P Rational
30021006 Rational


Rational Ovens/6 GN – Gas with boiler CM61 (G61MA9703)CM61 (G61MC0003)CPC61 (G61CD0204)CPC61 (G61CD03071093513),
Ovens/6 GN – Electric with boiler CD61 (E61DA9812)CD61 (E61DD01091053473)CD61 (E61DD0211)CM61 (E61MD01071049998)CPC61 (E61CD0209),
Ovens/10 GN – Gas with boiler CPC101 (G11CB99021002031)CPC101 (G11CD0303),
Ovens/10 GN – Electric with boiler CD101 (E11DD0212)CD102 (E12DD03071094065)CM101 (E11MD0202)CM101 (E11MD0301)CM102 (E12MC01011040071),

CPC101 (E11CC00041025298)CPC101 (E11CD0203)CPC101 (E11CD0301)CPC201 (E21CB00011020669),

Ovens/20 GN – Gas with boiler CPC202 (G61CD0109),
Ovens/20 GN – Electric with boiler CM202E (E22MA9808)CPC201 (E21CD0309)CPC201E (E21CA9805)CPC202E (E22CA9703),

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