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Welcome to FES Ltd.  

We have over 40 years experience in the commercial catering spares industry, supplying spare parts for commercial kitchens, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals, canteens and more. 

We stock and supply all kinds of kitchen equipment and spare parts, along with other items that might be needed in the trade such as gas testing equipment and other tools. We keep stock of OEM and universal van stock parts which can be used on all types of commercial catering equipment and catering spares. Items that you need urgently, such as gas pilot burners, gas hoses and pipe-fittings, neons, bulbs, lamps, control knobs, thermostats, thermocouples, dishwasher filter weights, heating elements and fans can regularly be found in stock and ready for next day-delivery.  We specialise in the American brands, need Heritage spare parts? Look no further for UK stock.   

If we don’t stock it, you can be sure we can get it – and we’ll get it quickly, as we know that downtime for your business needs to be kept to a minimum.  

Company Registration Number: 11311769

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